Jul 29, 2014

School trip to Narita

The Old village in Chiba
They make old candles.
They make dye goods.
They eat international lunch.

They enjoyed and relaxed.
We visited Narita Shinshoji (temple) after the village.

Jul 15, 2014

the Short trip to Kamakura

Engakuji (Engakuji temple)
Old wooden building
Big Budda near Kamakura
Komachi douri (main street in front of the Kamakura station)

Kamakura Hachimangu (shrine)
Japanese style wedding

Jul 9, 2014

New students in July

Our school explains how to study and live in Tokyo.
New students from 16 countries in front of school

They pray for health and security in Japan. We hope so.
Tokyo Sky Tree (634m high) near Asakusa
Main street from Kaminarimon