Apr 23, 2013

The students prepare for an earthquake and fires. It is an important thing.

They visited a fire station.
This car makes us earthquake shaking. 
The safest place to take cover during the earthquake is under the table.
They know how to stop fires and make emergency contact.

This is a rescue breathing.

Apr 12, 2013

Welcome walking to Tokyo sky tree and Asakusa.

The entrance ceremony
The students from 9 countries
They pray their safety and hapiness during stay.
Tokyo sky tree is 634 meter high.
This is Asakusa temple. There are many small shops.
Sumida river near Asakusa

Apr 3, 2013

Exchange with Japanese university students

Tsukuba university (national university) students introduce themselves.
Our students explain their countries and cultures. 
They ask about Japan and Japanese students.
Each student understands each other after talking. 
They know different cultures , people and etc,.