Jul 19, 2012

Welcome trip to Asakusa , Tokyo

The new students from 13 different countries entered.
They are going to Asakura from school.
They walk on the street near Asakusa.
They washed their hands and purified heart.
They entered a big temple and prayed.
This is a chain Chinese restaurant. All food are cheap.
Tokyo sky tree tower is very near from Asakusa temple.
Many small gift shops are behind this lantern.

Jul 11, 2012

Tanabata Festival

 People present their wishes to the stars.
Each summer, Hiratsuka,Sendai,other cities host big events , Tanabata Festival.
They wrote their wish and dream.
They came from each country.
Their dream will come true.

Jul 6, 2012

Tokyo Disney sea

Our students visited Tokyo Disney sea.
It was a very hot day.
They were very happy.
They satisfied themselves.
They have enjoyed until 10 pm.