May 23, 2012

Festival at the University of Tokyo

Aka-Mon (red gate) at the unversity of  Tokyo is a symbol.
 This is one of three gates.

Music circles

Drawing a portrait

Street stalls are crowded with other university students
and high school students on Saturday.

They sell Yakitori (grilled chicken) , Gyoza (meat dumplings),
Jagabata (steamed potato with butter ) and other foods.

Radio broadcasting station

May 18, 2012

A flea market in Harajuku , Tokyo

Some students got out to a flea market.
This is a flea market near Harajuku.

They sell shoes.

These are vacuum cleaners.

May 8, 2012

Mikoshi (mini shrine)

People carry Mikoshi (portable shrine) for Shinto gods
through the streets of their community.

The young women carry Mikoshi (portable shrine) on their shoulder recently.

The miniature shrine is very heavy. So they carry in turns.
The break is necessary sometimes.

Japanese drums and flutes enliven a festival.

Children scoop goldfish with a thin paper scoop.

After carrying Mikoshi they drink Japanese Sake and beer.