Apr 27, 2012

We visited Zoo in Ueno

The entrance of Ueno zoo

There are two pandas in the zoo.

They touched a goat.

Many children come to this zoo in school holidays.

They were tired after walking for 3 hours.

Apr 17, 2012

Entrance ceremony with Sakura (cherry blossom)

New students listened the school's rule.

They stand in front of school’s entrance and come from 12 countries.

They get really excited with Sakura.

They walk in the Japanese garden for the first time.

This is called “ grandmother’ street “. It is very famous street.
There are many cheap shops and restaurants for them.

They pray their safe livelihood in a new life.

Apr 4, 2012

Graduation ceremony

They were not able to understand even simple words when they entered school.
But They passed level -N1or N2, JLPT.

All of them received their certificates of completion when they finished the course.

The students who finished remember the day of the entrance ceremony.
They were not able to imagine themselves present in those days.

They sang Furusato (home town). It is a famous song. They remember childhood and their family. 

They enjoyed listening Shamisen and Japanese folk songs.

They like the beautiful sound of Shamisen.

Cheers ! To our health and future.

Sayonara ! ( goodbye )
We pledge a reunion with teachers at our school at some time in the future.