Feb 15, 2012

Setsubun " Bean-Throwing Festival in Tokyo

Kanda Myoujin shrine near Akihabara was built about 1300 years ago.

About 3000 people are waiting for presents from Shrine.

Shinto priest exorcise someone of a devil.

Old people wearing Japanese clothes, people with honor and men and women of Dragon Year's wait for their turn.

Two men perform the role of evil. They bring bad luck.On Setsubun , people scatter beans to drive away evil and bring in good luck in a house shouting " Evil out ! Good luck in ! "

Setsubun means the day before the calendric beginning of spring.February 3rd is Setsubun.

Adults and children scramble for them. All of them are very excited.

They throw snacks , oranges , beans and etc,.

The day's main event is the bean-scattering ceremony.

Wearing Kimono

They feel like Japanese people when they wear Kimono.

Movement becomes dull when students wear kimonos.

Japanese people usually wore Kimono by themselves in old days.Off course the students cannot wear kimonos without the help of the teachers.

All the students wear Kimono in turns.

They put on an Obi ( belt ) tightly. If loosely , they can not wear correctly.

Geta (wooden clogs) for men, Zouri (Japanese sandals) for women.

Feb 6, 2012

Valuable experience / Karate training

The students bow deeply to instructors with respect in the beginning and at the end.
This manner is very important thing in Karate and other Martial arts.

They strengthen abdominal muscles.

They do press-ups before practicing Karate.
How many press-ups can you do ?

There are two types of karate matches, kumite ( fighting) and kata (performance).

Punches and kicks are basic techniques.

The university students are teaching how to attack and defend.

They are busy studying and working every day.
So they don't have enough time to get in shape.
This training is very good for their health.

We trained for two hours.
After training they relaxed and were satisfied.