Sep 5, 2011

Tokyo Otsuka Awaodori , Summer Dance Festival

The audiences and dancers more than 20000 joined in the hot sun and enjoyed.

They waited for starting. But it was 35'c ( 95 'f ).

The boys were very tired after dancing.

Foreigners came to see this festival.

They played Shamisen (a shamisen is a three-stringed instrument similar to a banjo), Fue (a whistle) , Taiko (a stick drum ).

Men waited for their turn.

The ladies danced in a specially-designed Yukata (a summer Kimono) by them.

There were about 40 street stalls.
They sold Takoyaki ( octopus dumpling ), Yakisoba ( pan-fried noodles ), Cold drinks, Beer and etc,.

The Toden Arakawa Line's streetcar consists of only one car near this place.