Aug 29, 2011

Summer course in 2011

The Great Buddha of Hase in Kamakura was bulit in 1243.It is 12.38 meters high.

They eat hot rice crackers. Each is 50 yen.

The students walked at Engakuji ( Engaku temple).
This is Zen temples.

They joined a school excursion to Chiba prefecture.

They ate dinner. Japanese Sake is in a red box.
But a person older than 20 years old can drink on a law.

The temple is near Asakusa with new other students.

They finished one month summer course.They studied hard.
They understood Hiragana and Katakana and enjoyed sightseeing.

This is a farewell party.They ate Makisushi, Onigiri, Manju and etc,.

With new students of July term.