Aug 9, 2011

School excursion Mt.Nokogiri , Chiba prefecture

We went to Mt. Nokogiri (saw blade) in Chiba prefecture.

It was very hot , 35'c ( 95'f ) in Tokyo. But it was cool there.

They were going to climb this mountain .They did not know how steep it was.

They climbed about half an hour.

There are really many steep slopes.

They climbed at last.

They were tired very much on account of insufficient exercise.

Each student cooked Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Korean food and etc, the previous night.
It looked like international restaurant at the top of a mountain.

They chatted with one another after lunch.

It is not dangerous.

This is Tokyo bay. The opposite side is Kanagawa prefecture.

Looking down made their skin crawl.

They are statues of the Goddess of Kannon.

They had a rest after going down a mountain.

This is a rest house called Umi Hotaru ( sea firefly )
It is in the middle of Tokyo bay.

They enjoyed a fresh sea wind.

It was clear and sunny.
They could see many tall buildings in Tokyo and Tokyo Sky Tree way down there.

They took pictures each other.

They relaxed in an amusement center in Umi Hotaru.

They got two stuffed bears.