Jul 26, 2011

Visiting Kamakura ( Big Budda )

The students stand in front of flowers, hydrangea at Engakuji
( Engaku temple). This is Zen temples.
It takes only one minute on foot from Kita(North)-Kamakura Station.

This is Komachi dori ( street ) in front of Kamakura station.

These are rented Yukata (kimono for summer).
3150 Japanese Yen ( ladies ) and 4200 Yen ( gentlemen )

You can buy Yukata , too. A salesclerk wears Yukata.

A Rickshaw is behind them.

The fare is 3000 Yen for two for 10 minutes.

Left  is Anpan man and right is Dokin chan.

Kamakura Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine was built in 1180.

People wish for the safety of their families and success in business.

About 1,900,000 people visit from 1st to 3rd of the new year.

With Japanese young lady dressed in Yukata
It makes everybody feel cool.

Japanese young ladies dressed in Yukata came from Tokyo.

The Great Buddha of Hase in Kamakura was bulit in 1243.

It is 12.38 meters high. You can enter the inside.

The size of one Waraji ( traditional straw sandals ) is 90 cm ×180 cm. The weight is 45 kg.

Many tourists visit Big Buddha.

These are T-shirts sold as souvenir. It costs 1200 yen.

Key chain costs 500 Yen.

This is Enoshima island which is a distance of approximately 7 kilometers from Kamakura station.

When it is clear , you can see Mt. Fuji.