Jul 6, 2011

New students welcome walk in Asakusa

The orientation session for code of our school
New students came from 17 different countries.

They hear the explanation of Asakusa.

They are going to Asakusa from school.

They wait for bus bound for Asakusa.
It takes about 20 minimutes.

They stand in front of Karaoke in Asakusa ( red sign board ).
There are many Karaoke.

They walk on the street. beautifully decorated.

Do you think that they are taking any photograph ?

Photograph of Tokyo Sky Tree Tower, the tallest tower in the world

① At the temple

They look at Japanese drams and goods of festival.

The gate Kaminarimon, symbol of Asakusa, is a main gate to the
temple , Senso-ji.

The first sight to catch your eyes will be the long stretch of Nakamise Dori, the Senso-ji temple precinct's shopping street. There are about 500 shops. You can buy every souvenir there.

They wish their good luck and health after throwing money into the wooden box.

Advertisement for theater of old days